WT June 19th Update

Discussion in 'WT Main' started by Nraged, Jun 19, 2014.

WT June 19th Update

Discussion in 'WT Main' started by Nraged, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Dec 17, 2012
    Great update for tanks and some aircraft. Cant wait to check out the changes. New Features
    • Network connection has been optimized (traffic reduced).
    • Added crew on open vehicle.
    New missions/maps:
    • New ground vehicle location “Carpathian mountains”
    • Arcade battles 1.1x1.1km
    • RB and SB 2x2km
    • New missions:
      • [Domination] Berlin;
      • [Domination] Britain;
      • [Domination] Korsun;
    Changes in ground vehicle locations and missions:
    • In historical missions on “Kuban”, “Jungle” and “Ash River”, sides of the conflict are no longer tied to specific spawn locations. Spawn locations will be selected randomly at the start of the match and no longer will depend on the nation.
    • In the ground forces mission [Domination] Kuban. Ground vehicle mission; [Domination] Ash River; added new events inside the mission which have an impact on the win chance for the team.
    Location “Kuban”
    • All North-West areas of the map, which were much higher than the South-Eastern part of it, has been lowered. This should increase game pace on missions that are located on this map and allow armour to change flanks quickly without spending time climbing slopes.
    • A mission to capture documents from the crashed aircraft has been added to [Domination] mode.
    • Added [Capture] mode, in which capture points constantly appear and disappear. Each new zone that appears will grant team that captures it, more points than the previous one.
    Location “Jungle”
    • Southern area of the map has been changed significantly. Now players can use it fully for flanking the enemy. The hillock on the beach is now part of the location and you now can climb it to gain a good sniping position.
    • The rivers in the location are now wider, but more shallow, which allows passage across them in almost every part of the river areas. The centre of the map now has additional routes around the hills and along the river banks, which allows passage to the enemy backlines.
    • The bottom respawn on the german side has been sunk lower down to stop the possibility of sniping at it from a distance, as well as removing the ability to fire from it.
    • Foliage density has been lowered to make the map more “open”
    Location “Ash River”
    • The hill in front of the northern airfield that was interfering with the re-spawning of bombers, has been removed.
    Changes in aviation locations and missions:
    [Operation] Ruhr
    • Event with spotters was temporarily removed, enabled event with AI attackers.
    New vehicles:
    • Ground vehicles:
    • Premium Reserve tank Pz.Kpfw II ausf C with african unit paint scheme (+decal);
    • Premium Reserve tank T-26 with winter camo of 1st Guard tank brigade (+decal)
    Please, be aware that if this is a players first ground vehicle battle using vehicles of the USSR or Germany they will receive a free premium reserve tank of that country (one or other of the two - not both). But only if you haven't received the free plane reserve vehicle bonus in the past.
    • KV-1E
    • T-34 of 1941 year with cast turret and “ambush’ winter camo of 1st guard tank brigade;
    • PzIV/70 (A);
    • KV-1B in Finnish army colours (Special Limited Edition)
    • Aviation:
    • IL-2M in “Avenger” paint scheme;
    • LaGG-3 34 series;
    • Hs-129 B-2 in Romanian air force paint scheme;
    Changes in damage models and technical characteristics of the vehicles
    • Fixed armour layout of the Sherman trophy tank
    • Improved damage model (armoured plates geometry now follows visual model geometry more precisely) of IS-4M, IS-3 tanks;
    • Fixed front turret armour layout on the T-43-85 tank with D-5T cannon (the gun mount hole on the turret was missing, which led to “doubled armour” mantlet+front of the turret);
    • Fixed roof armour thickness above the driver’s hatch on IS-3 from 20 to 30mm;
    • Fixed armour layout on the commander's cupola of the Pz.Kpfw VI ausf B (with Henschel turret and KwK46 cannon) from 100 to 150mm, according to "Der Panzer-Kampfwagen Tiger und seine Abarten" page 208;
    • Fixed mass of the Pz.Kpfw V ausf G tank from 43 000kg to 44 800kg, according to "Panther and Its Variants" page 232.;
    • Fixed fire rate of FLaK38 cannons from 480 to 450 shots per minute, KwK30 from 320 to 280 shots per minute, KwK38 from 480 to 450 shots per minute (archive materials);
    • Fixed Damage Model of Flakpanzer I, loss of the driver or gun operator now leads to loss of the vehicle.

    Flight models changes:

    Preliminary aircraft tuning:

    • Light bombers of Su-2 and BB-1 series

    • Italian fighters G.50 serie II and Macchi C.200 Saetta
    • Bf.109 of F and E series
    • Me.410 series twin-engine fighters

    • Carrier-based A5M4 fighter and the B5N2 bomber

    • Republic P-47 Thunderbolt (all versions)

    Ground Vehicles:
    • Authentic sounds added for 105mm KwK46;
    • Authentic sounds added for 152mm ML-20;
    • Authentic sounds added for Hetzer engine;
    • Authentic sounds added for Рz.Kpfw V ausf. D Panther;
    • Tracks and engines sounds adjusted for several German and Soviet vehicles;
    • Performance tweaks for some sound events;
    • Authentic sounds added for Ki-45 and Ki-49 (all versions), G4M1, Ki-102 Otsu and Ki-96;

    • Type of the bot vehicles now depends on Rank of the players vehicles;
    • Fixed visual bugs in I-16, Tempest, Boomerang and other models.
    • Some fixes on the Spain map.
    • Fixed effect of resistance on removed tail and nose gear in the water;
    • Ability to change colours of markers for colour blind mode has been implemented;
    • Fixed bug when parameters of selected fuel amount for a plane doesn't save if player has selected to play ground vehicle first.
    • Rooms, created by player which are added to the blacklist, will no longer show in the room listing in Custom Battles.
    • Fixed bug when tank shots wouldn’t be rendered.
    • Fixed visualization of the drop-down lists of the shell when there are too many shells available and the screen resolution is too low. Now drop-down list won’t the edges of the screen.
    • Added lead indicator to the planes for players in Ground Vehicles in RB
    • Fixed bug with possible no damage inflicted by high-explosive and fragmentation effects of shells.
    • Performance of the game has been improved.
    • Fixed error when the crew could be locked even after vehicle was destroyed in a battle.
    • Removed effect of air resistance for nonexistent radiator of jet aircraft.
    • Improved animation visualization on tank tracks - its now more smooth
    • Improved roller animation on ground vehicles.
    • Fixed bug where taking a screenshot during loading screen would turn the screen black.
    • Improved shadow visualization of a player.
    • Fixed alert about not assigned buttons with view switch and zoom.
    • Fixed visualization of the RP in the debriefing screen in case no active research was selected.
    • Fixed error with “Crew is not ready” message during shell selection on some of the ground vehicles.
    • Removed “cannon parking”, when player tries to aim in the “dead zone”. Barrels no longer will try to move into a neutral position.
    • Added support for DDS textures for user-creates skins.
    • Fixed dependency on mode for reload time in tank sheet.
    • Fixed instances of AI planes attacking allied ground forces.