Mini-meeting notes from 11/16/14

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Mustarde, Nov 17, 2014.

Mini-meeting notes from 11/16/14

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Mustarde, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Feb 12, 2014
    There was no official meeting however I held a sort of small-group discussion (in other words, a meeting) yesterday just to gather feedback and identify top issues for us. I'll just briefly summarize.

    1) Recruitment: Needs to be a top priority for the guild. I know our officers have some ideas, so this will get bounced around with them a little. But I think we all felt that there needs to be something concrete in the form of a public recruiting post and/or plan for recruitment by Friday of this week.

    2) Raid schedule: Fried and I believe Yrgna are going to work on a schedule for guild raiding. I think what I overheard was Wednesday/Friday/Saturday from 8-10pm... subject to change. Part of the issue with raiding is that we don't actually have a lot of people in the guild, much less people who want to stop their in-game activities to raid. The last few times our raid leads have felt like they are pulling people into serpentis against their will - this isn't good for the raid, nor is it good for the guild and those who feel guilted into going along.

    A schedule helps alleviate that by setting expectations for what we are doing and when. Furthermore, this highlights the importance of recruitment, and why we need to make it the #1 priority

    3) Merchant ship #3. The current agreed upon captain of the next merchant ship is Sixten (please PM phaedo or mortos if this is not agreeable). DarthXaos is the guilda star turn-in right now. He has been busy IRL lately but when he is able to get back in-game, we will need to focus on getting the ship finished.

    4) Gear. I keep seeing Hasla and GHA groups going which is great. I also see that several members have gotten their t3 hasla - also great! Some of our crafters are hitting proficiency in various armors, and Shuzzah has carpentry pretty high. Him and Mortos are working on weapon crafting last. Archeum is expensive but not as much as it used to be. For those enterprising members, or those who are fully GHA and hasla geared, crafted epherium and delphinad is the way for you to go from there. Start saving, planning and building relationships with your crafters.

    Things we didn't discuss: Status of Karkassee. Alliance stuff. The guild spot in two crowns. Why pickle is running out of memes and what you can do to help.

    Let's have a great week! I will push the appropriate people towards recruitment stuff being pushed out by end of week.

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