Meeting Recap 11/02/14

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Phaedo, Nov 3, 2014.

Meeting Recap 11/02/14

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Phaedo, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Jan 27, 2013
    Topics Discussed:

    Coinpurse Farming: The north eastern coast of Sanddeep and the outside of KC are great coinpurse farming areas. If you're ever board or anything just head on over there and grind some purses. We will be group coinpurse farming every sunday evening before and during our meetings. After the farming session is over all materials obtained through coinpurses, save the gold, will be traded/mailed to myself, phaedo, and will then be added to our stores, and the ingredients/materials sent to the proper people. This is a big one. We need to work together as a guild to secure this stuff and it is very important that we all share from it.

    Hasla Farming: Went excellent this week, just try to be available for it if you need it always, as it is a spur of the moment type of thing.

    GHA: Run it if you don't have your 7pc.

    Archeum Motes/Dust/Shards/Crystals/Essence: Please consider donating all, or most, of your Archeum to the guild. It will be stored in the Guild chest and once we have a pretty good pool/income of archeum, it will be distributed to the appropriate crafts:

    Once those people get enough archeum they can start producing the crafted gear, which we can then have events and shit to distribute the crafted gear.

    Shuzzah will be posting a lengthy post on the crafting system and it's mechanics, but to touch briefly:

    Starting on, and after, Illustrious gear (with the exception of handicrafts) all gear is sealed. This means that once crafted the gear has to be opened. There are Five kinds of statistically different gear from a sealed piece. so 5 hats, 5 chests, 5 bracers, 5 gloves, 5 belts, 5 pants, 5 boots, etc. For EVERYTHING. Armor, Accessories, Weapons. All sealed gear has this system. Now the kicker, is that you can ONLY upgrade 1 kind of piece. so you have a 1/5 chance to get the piece of gear you need to upgrade to the next tier. If you don't get that 1 piece, then send it to a Machinist. Once the Machinist gets 3 "not correct' pieces of gear he/she can break it down and reforge it into another sealed piece. (Illustrious is an exception. Reforged Illustrious will always come out being that 1 needed piece, but nothing else will.)

    For more information see Shuzzah's post [here].

    So as you can see we gotta start cracking.

    Merchant Ship: with the trade runs we did after the meeting sixten has obtained enough gilda to construct our 2nd merchant ship, which we will be constructing tonight, 11/3. So come on down! Upon obtaining enough gilda he will purchase the Schooner design and it will be traded to @DaPoets. Who will then be the captain of the 2nd Merchant ship. After this we will then focus on a 3rd Merchant ship, of whom the owner will be Sixten. We will be getting Sixten a clipper so he can familiarize himself a little bit with the naval controls before we give him his own merchant ship. But don't worry @Sixten! You will get one! We appreciate the contributions you've put in to both the guild and the 2nd merchant ship, and this is our thanks.

    Also after the 3rd merchant ship is obtained we will be going for a second galleon, the owner of which being @Shuzaah. We feel your talents would be best attributed at the helm of a warship, rather than a commercial vessel.

    So congratulations all and thank you for your contributions!

    There may even be a possible 2nd Fishing liner going up after that too **cough** @Mortos **cough** **cough** ;)
    who knows.

    Auroria: Launches tuesday. We, as a guild, do not have an actual plan of attack. We will be assisting whoever we can in the alliance during that time. I will not be online for the majority of Tuesday evening, ~1200-2200. I have class and an Animation seminar to attend, and I cannot make it. It has also come to my attention that several others, some of which are officers, will also be unavailable so here's my plan of attack:

    If you are available:
    Pick a teamspeak, CML or 903 and go offer them assistance. Any assistance you can, as NNG will be very light handed day 1. I would highly recommend the CML teamspeak if you are unfamiliar with PvP call-outs or tactics, they're very structured and you could learn a lot from running with them.

    Guild Public Farm: The Guild Public farm has been moved from the 16x16 next to mortos' house to the 8x8's in between the houses. If you see an empty spot or spots on the 8x8 feel free to plant there. There is no more sign up. However do not plant on more than 1 garden at a time.

    That pretty much wraps up the events of the meeting. any comments or questions feel free to ask

    Thanks for reading!
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    But I got my clipper last night ;) I bought the plans and Shuzz helped me build it.

    To celebrate, I (accidentally) popped eco-fuel and used it ever so efficiently as Shuzz harpooned the ocean floor and we did celebratory flips for the duration of my eco-fuel.
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    LOL Can't take you two anywhere!!

    Excellent job on Merchant Ship # 2 NNG!!

    Merchant Ship # 3 in a few days!!!
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