Diablo III x-pack

Discussion in 'Diablo III' started by Ajax, Mar 6, 2014.

Diablo III x-pack

Discussion in 'Diablo III' started by Ajax, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Ajax

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    Dec 11, 2012

    Well in a nutshell, the game is a lot of fun now, they have added a ton of new stuff that definitely keeps you interested.
    Act V -- A lot of fun, you learn a lot more lore and the history of the Nephelem. I also noticed that it becomes harder as you progress through the act without changing the original game difficulty. The maps are larger and the Legendary and set loot drops have increased.
    Gems are all now Marquise level drops which was the highest level you could combine gems into pre-xpak.
    New and more interesting boss fights (at 1 point you actually fight an Angel wielding a fireball cannon).
    Adventure mode...
    You can switch to this after you kill Maltheil for the first time. This allows you to do bounties in each act, do all 5 bounties in an act and you receive a large gold and xp bonus, plus a box which drops crafting mats, a few yellow items, gems, and a chance at a legendary item (albeit a low drop rate). It also drops "rift shards" which you use at the Nephelem pylon to open a nephelem rift. Entering this rift will give you a randomized map, any size and stocked with just about any monster in the game. One game Blackzilla and I were on a Westmark graveyard map fighting cuddle bears and chubby pink unicorns. Another map was just a giant prison map with no other levels.
    Once you kill enough creatures to fill your Nephelem bar a "Rift keeper" boss will spawn. Kill it and it will drop a ton of stuff with a chance at a legendary and blood shards.
    Blood shards are used at the Blood shard vendor and are a way of gambling. Pick out an item you like, pay the blood shard amount and you get a mystery item in your stash. I've spent hundreds if not thousands already but I have walked away with 3 legendary pieces from this vendor.
    Theres a lot more added that make this game a lot of fun including lots of events built into the maps, randomized boss mobs and a Mystic who will change a property of an item you own to make it stronger (or weaker if you're unlucky).

    As of now Im hooked, I know of about 5-6 others playing and hooked into it as well, its definitely worth getting if you were on the fence about it, and anyone who wants is more than welcome to join us when we all play.

    I also forgot to mention the Crusader class added to the game, haven't played it much yet, but for now I can say its pretty O.P.
    and is the perfect tanking class.
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    Nov 20, 2012
    D3 has hooked me again, I haven't had any of the lag deaths that drove me away from the game when it first came out and the new additions are great.

    I've been playing every chance i get but all i play is hardcore toons what a small group of RL friends, so i haven't been in TS much at all.

    If anyone want's to try to get in touch with me in game send me a PM here and i'll get you my battlenet info.
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