A very negative take on crafting weapons/armor

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Mustarde, Oct 3, 2014.

A very negative take on crafting weapons/armor

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by Mustarde, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Feb 12, 2014
    This is 100% my own opinion and you may completely disagree *disclaimer over*

    After doing a bit of research into the world of crafting, I have concluded that it is an end-game exercise, for those players with excess wealth, and who already own a baseline of assets and do not need anything further. The extreme RNG nature of not only crafting, but then regrading, enchanting and socketing make the % chance of getting something competitive extremely low. To the point that you really shouldn't embark on such a journey unless you already have Hasla gear, your house, your galleon/fishing/merchant ship and are set up in Auroria.

    The weapons and armor that people are currently crafting are downright inferior to quest items, specifically at the level 50 tier. And the process of creating something that supersedes the gear you get from HA or hasla (or when the library opens up on diamond shores) requires dozens and dozens of failures, each of failure costing substantial gold. Yeah, you can craft shitty conquerer's gear. And yes, that will be needed to make less shitty gear at the next level. But you will need many sets of conquerer's gear in order to get through the RNG process of destruction, failed upgrades and ultimately the RNG regrading process. And at the end of it you might only get a single piece of lumber.

    Why should I make such a negative post? Well, I see several people who are trying to get guild members to craft them some gear. That in of itself is not a terrible thing - but if we want this guild to be properly geared for PVP (think auroria battles etc)... then you guys need to stop dicking around with crafting and go get proper level 50 gear. Yrgna and I raced through Karkasse and Hasla in 2 hours and got the full lvl 50 set of uppers, lowers, cap, bow and sword. It's not the "hasla" grind, it's just the quests. It's a good baseline to then pursue a Hasla weapon.

    Where will crafting come into play? When this guild has completed its fleet of merchant ships, galleons, fishing boats, etc. When we can load up a mass of farm carts for trade runs and bank 33g in 30 minutes per member. When we all have Hasla weapons and the only next option is something crafted.

    Why does a good crafted weapon sell for 2000g on the AH? Because that person had to spend 2000g or more to get through the RNG and spit out something half-decent.

    Sure, you should keep leveling your metalworking, carpentry and leather. And one day a few months from now, I bet we can start producing lots of gear. My personal opinion is that getting caught up in that now is only a waste of time and gold. You should be working on getting attainably good gear, as well as growing your personal wealth/guilda through dailies, trade runs etc.

    Again - just my opinion. But I think it might save you guys some distraction until there comes a time when we can actually afford to dive down the rabbit hole of RNG and spit out some good gear. In the meantime, I don't think we have 4000g across all our characters, which is what it would cost to make a single truly great item