Write things you did in Planetside like they are over exaggerated war stories.

Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by Dr_Goop, May 29, 2014.

Write things you did in Planetside like they are over exaggerated war stories.

Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by Dr_Goop, May 29, 2014.

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    May 28, 2014
    The idea behind this this topic is to be able to share stories in a non baggy-way all story should be written so it sound suitable to read them in a beep gravelly voice.


    so share you're stories and have fun.
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  2. Patrick

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    Nov 22, 2012
    Incoming Transmission: 2142-3103-435

    Authorization: Vanu High Command

    Message Begins: Lattice links deteriorating

    Warpgate connection unstable

    Attempting to stabilize

    Be aware lattice connections will shift

    Prepare for warp gate re-secure

    Great, another warp gate shift. If we get lucky everything will remain stable and resource links will remain secure. If not we could be shifted into the very belly of the beast, having to fight out from behind enemy lines to establish even basic resource flow. The fight in the AMP station is over, the defenders overran when the transmission comes through. We prepare for anything and wait, with bated breath, for orders. T0, warp gate shift begins. Frantic platoon leads radio into command and are told that we have remained stable. However, both the republic and the conglomerate were unable to stabilize. Their warp gate links have swapped, embedding enemy command centres deep behind enemy lines. Great news to us, with the enemy thrown into disarray it will be that much easier to advance and to attempt resource recovery.

    Platoon lead puts out the call to redeploy and prepare for a drop. Suprising, the battle here was going well, no stiff resistance and good support. Our group of twelve split into two galaxies, wondering what the hell is going on.

    The helmet radio set crackles to life, “Listen up lads, orders came in, we’re being sent on a Special Assignment, each galaxy will have 6 members of alpha squad and six greenhorns, strap in and stow your gear”. Crammed like sardines into a flying coffin the rookies crack a smile, Special Assignment being a fast track to promotion they look forward to the perks that may come from the assault. Us alpha squad members remain grim, stoic even, listening to the full briefing coming in on the private channel from platoon lead.

    “Command received a message from a conglomerate battle leader shortly after warp gate rotation, a small force of NC crack troopers are remaining on station beside the republics new HQ, ordered to hold out until lattice can be restored and reinforcements provided. Naturally enough, they’re fucked, and the NC realise this, as such they’re calling in a favour. In return for removing pressure on our Indar installations they want us to ensure the TR cannot gain control of Stoneridge.” There is a faint hint of shock, if not outright disgust in his voice, “Furthermore, NC command has not relayed this to their front line troops, trying to save face, as such they will remain hostile on the ground. Our mission is to get in, destroy any TR opposition and ensure further TR encroachment is unsuccessful”

    The squad composition changes to account for mission parameters, stealth and longevity being key most repurpose to medic or infiltration load outs. The galaxy is swiftly approaching Stoneridge, bright, fluorescent tracers stabbing through the sky. Red tracers, TR are dug in. As the galaxy makes final approach a staccato ringing deafens everyone in the hold, enemy flak trying to wear through the heavy composite armour cladding the transport.

    The pilot hits the point going slightly below the speed of sound, initiating the drop as fire breaks out in the hold and the galaxy begins to fall apart. We fall, two, three hundred metres, and land square centre on Stoneridge control. TR are everywhere, maxes anchored into corners, engineers rearming the soldiers and medics putting the fallen back together.

    They were not ready.

    Twenty four Vanu exited two galaxies, within the first seconds of engagement more than half are KIA. Landing on a low slung roof I quickly take in my bearings and engage my cloak. The situation seems to be workable, with the TR facing the wrong way we inflict heavy casualties almost immediately. I see a medic, running away from alpha point. Aiming for centre mass I squeeze off a quick burst of SMG fire. The medic falls and I reengage stealth. From below I hear the shouts and screams of furious fighting coming from the control point. My heads up display begins to slowly fill with friendly KIA tags. Climbing off the roof I head into alpha. Our work was good, many of the TR are dead or dying, and a hear the characteristic BOOM of a conglomerate cannon gun coming from the opposite door. The remaining TR, mainly injured soldiers and medics, are powerless to fight against an infiltrator appearing in their midst. Under cloak, I sprint behind the nearest group of enemy medics, lucky that no one has cloak detection equipment and the previous fighting has filled the room with a light smoke, further obscuring enemy vision.

    Three medics, one resuscitating a fallen MAX unit, one healing an injured engineer and the third aiming at the door. I disengage cloak and open up with the SMG, gunner first, MAX second, then the medic and engineer last. The room is clear and I hear the heavy clunking of a Conglomerate max coming towards the door. I hastily engage cloak and try to remain still. An NC squad suddenly bursts in the door, spraying randomly throughout the room. Luckily the NS crates take the bullets going in my direction. Perched on the crate, I observe the NC putting shots into the TR corpses in the room. The NC hold the room, mission successful.

    Or so I thought, a shiver runs down my spine as I hear a slow, droning sound begin in the distance. Chain gun, spinning up to speed, atleast four. If I was with allies protocol is simple, prepare for defense, MAX push coming. The option of decloaking and explaining this to the NC was laughable, either I’d die immediately or not get the damn point across fast enough. Lo and behold, two MAXes sporting enough firepower for a squad march slowly into the room, mowing from left to right, left to right, hosing the hapless NC defenders in high velocity ammunition. Three rounds thud into my cloak, burning out the cloak charge and causing my shields to flare as they try to prevent damage. Without cloak the chain guns rip into me, shredding me apart. As before, I slip into oblivion, only to be woken up seconds later, in the same body sitting inside an orbital drop pod.

    (I'll write more later)
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    I demand a dramatic reading Kevin Spacey style