Welcome to the new hosting!

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Welcome to the new hosting!

  1. Hospiwhater

    Hospiwhater .

    May 17, 2014
    Just as an update for you all, the website is officially under icebalm's administration. You will see him with admin tags on, because he needs to have them.

    We are working on getting the Teamspeak server set up and it will take up to 15 days from this post for us to find out what is going to happen with that. So sit tight, it's still on the old host and it's been acting up recently.

    There is a "test" teamspeak that ice had set up, but there are limited slots and is considered usable in emergencies only.

    I also have a teamspeak that I paid for for a couple of months with 50 slots if needed. Hit me up if TS goes down hard.

    We will keep you updated on new developments here.