Test Server patch notes listen up!

Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by Patrick, Jun 14, 2013.

Test Server patch notes listen up!

Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by Patrick, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick Ireland - Sunshine is a Rumour.

    Nov 22, 2012
    Test Patch Notes 6/13
    Please take some time to check out a few of the things that went to the test server in the latest build. Let us know if you find any bugs and what you think of the changes. Thanks!

    Map Tutorial

    New map tutorial! It is accessed by clicking the question mark button at the bottom right corner of the map. This can be accessed by anyone at any time. Note that the help button that opens the map tutorial will be moving to a new location and will get new icons.

    Interactive Tutorial
    • Tutorial Intro now includes a list of topics that will be covered and an approximate ETA.
    • Infiltrator segment now also mentions holding breath to stabilize scope sway.
    • Warpgate Terminal now highlights the highest non-queued continent instead of always Indar.
    • Several minor tweaks and fixes to the tutorial to improve usability.
    Continent domination thresholds

    • Domination requirement lowered from 100% to 75% of the territory on the continent.
    • The point where a domination benefit will be lost increased from 0% to 15% of owned territory.
    • Our goal is to make continent domination and denial during prime time a tough but reasonably achievable goal and to reduce the situations where entire empires would hold up in one facility.
    Instant Action & Reinforcements Adjustments

    • Less emphasis on fights where your empire is dominating.
    • More emphasis on fights where your empire has a small disadvantage
    • Optimal IA fight is now a bit bigger than platoon vs platoon.
    • Lowered maximum population allowed for an instant action / reinforcement point to be active.
    • The intent of these changes is to be a better reinforcement mechanic and to help support and balance the medium-sized fights.
    MAX Ability Tuning

    • Increased Zealot Overdrive armor debuff to 30%
    • Added a fuel cost to the Zealot Overdrive, allowing up to 8 seconds of sustained use
    • Reduced the indirect damage buff for Bursters when using Zealot Overdrive
      • Indirect vs ESF
        • Rank 1: +5% (~93 damage)
        • Rank 2: +7% (~95 damage)
        • Rank 3: +9% (~97 damage)
        • Rank 4: +12% (~100 damage)
        • Rank 5: +15% (~103 damage)
      • Reduced the rate of fire/reload buff for Bursters when using Lockdown
        • Rank 1
          • Refire: -13
          • Reload: -10%
          • DPS: +5%
        • Rank 2
          • Refire: -25
          • Reload: -20%
          • DPS: +10%
        • Rank 3
          • Refire: -36
          • Reload: -30%
          • DPS: +15%
        • Rank 4
          • Refire: -46
          • Reload: -40%
          • DPS: +20%
        • Rank 5
          • Refire: -55
          • Reload: -50%
          • DPS: +25%
    Squad Browser Improvements
    We’ve made several additions to the squad screen, including:
    • Continent column and Continent filter
    • Outfit Tag column
    • Squad Leader column
    • Description text will now show platoon subsquad coloring and information
    • Page number display
    Squad Manager Improvements
    We’ve made several additions to the squad management screen, including:
    • Battle Rank column
    • Location column (in meters or continent name depending on if you’re on the same continent)
    • Outfit tag column
    • Vehicle icon callout if the player is in a vehicle
    • An area to drag and drop a member to create a platoon
    • Toggle to show the outfit tag of the squad leader
    Squad and Platoon Improvements
    • Added an icon callout for friends in the Squad and Platoon windows
    • Leaders names are now highlighted and have an icon callout in squad and voice chat listings
    • Added a drop down option for the platoon leader to set a member of their squad as the leader of that squad
    Loadout Screen Improvements

    • Added a dropdown selector instead of arrows for global tint selection
    • Now displays locked, unlocked, and upgradable cert items
    • Now displays un-owned slot items
    • Added quick weapon switch arrows
    • Will display the last used loadout per profile by default
    Better Visibility for Friendly Explosives
    The IFF range for friendly mines and explosives has been increased.
    AP Phalanx Turret Changes

    • Xiphos Anti-Personnel Phalax Turrets
      • Increased maximum turn speed for quicker aiming
      • Will now fire empire colored tracers (instead of always being yellow)
    Quick Action Menu Polish

    • Increased tracking speeds for vehicles and infantry.
      • This should keep the menu in the center of the screen and track on the target much faster. Having the menu stay in the middle of the screen will make it much easier to select the menu option of your choice.
    • Control should not be inverted if mouse control is inverted
    Tank and Fighter Superiority XP

    • Added Tank Superiority Bonus: 100 xp bonus for killing an enemy tank with a tank
    • Added Fighter Superiority Bonus: 100 xp bonus for killing an enemy ESF with an ESF
    Other Fixes and Improvements

    • Added visual effects when a player ejects from an air vehicle (using ejection system certification) or drops from a Galaxy to call out they are falling safely
    • Pulled third person camera of MBTs and Lightnings out about 1 meter
    • Ammo Towers should properly render in the VR training zone
    • Cosmetic items for infantry and vehicles are now accessible in the VR zone
    • Zealot Overdrive distortion FX have been reduced to one quarter of their previous size
    • Region Names will display when mousing over a waypoint HUD indicator
    • Experience reward text will still appear, even when an experience threshold has been hit
    • Revives remove the death stat received

    So, what I get from this is no more deaths if a medic gets you and ZOE is gone, ​
  2. Phaedo

    Phaedo The Weeaboo Hunter

    Jan 27, 2013
    Ooooohhh the galaxy drop effects could be sweet. Planetside 1 had them and they were pretty cool
  3. BobDoleBob

    BobDoleBob .

    Apr 20, 2013
    The no death from revives just means everybody's K/D ratio goes up server wide. I dunno why this is even important.

    Zoe is kinda meh. I think the cont lock should be 90%, 75% seems kind of low.
  4. Titanis

    Titanis .

    Nov 21, 2012
    I just find it funny that making ZOE worthless is the the only way to bring it in line with the Shield and Lockdown. The entire MAX update was pretty much a disaster adding two lackluster abilities, and now turning the only decent ability into a huge liability. Oh well, game design is hard I guess. I guess they have more important things to work on like MLG. [​IMG]
  5. Kowlefe

    Kowlefe .

    Jun 2, 2012
    What the shit is this? Yeah, lets give a easier job to take a continent while there aren't good numbers. We wont hold a single place for more than a day because of the 75% with the low numbers of us and the high numbers of NC overnight and mornings. I love how they still call it a "domination." I would like to know where they got their dictionary because that is the wrong one.

    And they went and not only nerfed the ZOE but fucking mega nerfed it with the biggest orange foam blue tip dart they could find!
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  6. ZeroXephon

    ZeroXephon .

    Oct 22, 2012
    Sweet, I see that they are taking the only thing I fucking liked in the last update and are sticking a enormous orange foam dart on it. So glad I dumped all those certs into max thats now pretty much worthless. Zoe was nice while it lasted I guess. Cont dom is bullshit imo as well. I can see 90% activates domination, not 75%.
  7. Geneau

    Geneau .

    Nov 27, 2012
    - Easier to cap/lose continents (no more 'We stick to Allatum even when it's our only territory left since they need all of our territory to cap the cont'), which is probably a good idea (although 75% is a very low percentage).
    - They try to improve vehicle vs vehicle fights (although the best way to get certs against tanks is still a Dalton).
    - More people will accept the ress from a medic, more people will whine about a lack of medics and K/D ratios will be heavily messed up :)
  8. Vonic

    Vonic Hate /tell receiving extraordinaire

    Feb 2, 2013
    weeee ZOE nerfs!
  9. NOrrTH

    NOrrTH .

    Jan 27, 2013
    Can someone tell this scrub player why ZOE would get nerfed but shot maxes don't? My Zoe max with Nebula's cant or haven't killed a scat max at a distance yet unless it was already damaged.
  10. Canvera

    Canvera NNG Data Analyst

    Oct 22, 2012