New ION Website - Please Register

Discussion in 'PS2 1.0 Archive' started by Eienstein, Aug 12, 2014.

New ION Website - Please Register

Discussion in 'PS2 1.0 Archive' started by Eienstein, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Jun 8, 2013
    I have got very exciting news!

    ION has an awesome new website (that still needs some fine tuning but functions fine). I have been playing alongside most of the ION outfits for about 5 months now. I have found that most of your outfits have Planetside 2 as your primary game, but on top of this you play many other games. This website is also an opportunity for you to find gamers with similar interests in games. For instance, I will be making an RTS sub forum. I love Real Time Strategy, it was my main genre before Planetside 2 (My first FPS) came along. Anybody can make a post about any game (e.g. DayZ) and then find a ton of people to play alongside with. Expand who you play with, make a post.

    On top of this there is an Event feedback forum, it is there for you to say what was wrong with the event, or what you really enjoyed. If you would not like to type a whole post there is also a poll that takes one click to say you either enjoyed the event or didn’t. Your feedback is essential for me to find out what I can do to make ION events more fun.

    There is a logo design competition where you could win 2000SC! But for more details please take a look to the ION website forums, there are a few entry requirements. I will be running more competitions in the future.

    Okay, so I am finally up to the actual website link which is:

    Just a few steps to get you started on here:
    1. Create and Enjin account if you do not already have one

    2. After doing to join the website

    3. Now click on “Gain Member Access” tab which will give you a quick form to fill out – this is very important because it allows me to quickly give you member access, I don’t want to go to every single person and add member tags.

    4. Unless you are a TR spy you will be approved website membership which gives you full forum access

    5. Take a look around

    6. Optional: Under general discussion, make a post on the “Introduce Yourself”

    7. If you an outfit leader, please message me so I can give you the appropriate tags

    That’s about it, any questions; post below
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