Multi-Crew Demo

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Main' started by Captain Murasa, Aug 13, 2015.

Multi-Crew Demo

Discussion in 'Star Citizen Main' started by Captain Murasa, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Kowlefe

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    Jun 2, 2012
    I just have an issue with the fact that when I bought in, it was stated a late 2k14/early 2k15 release and now its pushed back the end of 2016. I was also told Sq42 would release by now and that hasnt happened either. Im just annoyed because I could have used that money for so many other things. If it was pushed back a month or two I would not have an issue but to have it pushed back so far its atrocious with no attempt to thank those who paid other than an in game item if that. I wouldnt be shocked if its pushed back even further because the wiki with the data on the most current info is outdated.

    I would have no issue with an in-game shop but its the constant pushbacks with nothing to at least make people like me who are not happy somewhat happy is was is getting to me. Theyre doing a shit job on the PR end and need to fix that or refund people who wish it.
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    Mar 4, 2014
    Yeah, I get it.

    I haven't been following this game more recently, but I'm still waiting but not holding my breath. I paid this much money for a great hope that they'll be able to deliver. Whatever news that comes my way is one that I will greatly appreciate considering their project, especially if the content they are showing is something goddamn amazing, which in my opinion has been so far. I do agree that PR is something to be worked on, but that's really something every single company has issues with.

    But really my thing is: I put in this money because I sincerely hope that this project will succeed.

    My opinion if you're still on the fence:

    Wait. They haven't shown stuff worth your money yet and you don't want to be a jaded person like Ajax and Kowlefe is.

    If you spent money on this game, like I have:

    Still wait, but don't get your hopes up. However, figure out for x amount of money ask yourself "have they delivered yet?" That's up to you. In my opinion, they're doing a swell job, but I'm filling the empty time with other games like FFXIV and planetmanz. I don't want to fill that empty time with disappointments and make me second guess until the big moment is coming. At that point that is when I will pass my final judgement. I stopped putting more money for support because of the things that Kowlefe and Ajax has said.

    If ya can't believe that, then by all means, you have every right as a customer to withdraw your support from the game.

    As for the cash shop, as long they don't make things that would be easily attainable (you'll get x armor/gun only from the cash shop!) via the cash shop rather than as a reward for doing something difficult (raiding a capital ship... have fun!) I'm actually fine with it. Especially for buying all the towels you want.
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    Mar 23, 2013
    One of the reasons this game gets pushed back is because they scrapped earlier models in order to build a more realistic game. They have gone back to the drawing board multiple times to make animations more varied and the engine more advanced.
    It was with the funding that they realised that they didn't have to pass off a decent game with limited function and were able to make a great game with more depth. They are trying to push boundaries and not be lazy and push out a title that would be easy to make like other game companies. This is an experiment in an alternate game design theory.
    Deadlines get pushed back if you scrap basic ideas to make better functioning ones. That is how it is for every product on the market, both physical and digital. It's the design process, you just don't know it as an end consumer as all this happens behind closed doors typically.

    I am being patient as I know the end game will be multiple times better than the original planned version. Like PlayStation 2 vs PlayStation 3/4. They have released articles where they show and compare earlier versions of the game and the version they are working towards now and you can see a difference. And for any game devs they can probably tell the effort required for that change which likely involved scrapping progress and starting over.
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    Nov 10, 2012
  5. Nraged

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    Dec 17, 2012

    I was really thinking about spending $2-300 on this game as of late, but based upon what I've seen so far, with everything being pushed back and those who have spent money on the game got mostly promises and release date push backs, I thought that I'd rather wait.
    With the money which I wanted to spend, I bought IL2 Battle of Moscow and DCS Fw190 D9 module. I can play a good portion of BOM now, and I know for a fact that its official release will be done on time. DCS update is coming out on Sept 15th and I'm pretty sure that it will be here on time as well.

    With SC, I'll believe it when I see it, but I still feel like its going to be a giant cash cow for them because so far they have grabbed a lot of money from people, gave very little in return and released more promises.

    I can totally appreciate their reasons for push backs and nobody wants to see another Battlefield 4 release, thats for sure, but I think its taking way too long. By the time its released, I think we're going to see even Crisis retire.