Game Update 2 Patch Notes: New Faction Added

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Game Update 2 Patch Notes: New Faction Added

Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by DeusVipera, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. DeusVipera

    DeusVipera .

    Nov 29, 2012
    In a fantasy world, dreamt up in the mind of DeusVipera while getting a shower. Yeah, imagine it.

    Music to set the mood.

    Smedley tweet 12/18/12:
    "After complaints that NC was too weak and that Planetside 2 didn't do anything new to separate itself we present to you Game Update 2 entitled 'The Aurg'"

    Image that accompanied said tweet. Horrifying.​
    12/24/12 Game Update 2 introduces some radical changes.​
    The Aurg have been introduced.​
    Lore: While listening to hillbilly rock music, an NC soldier stumbled on a cave that lead deep into Auraxis. Upon not returning, a squad was sent to find him. There they found a horrible creature civilization deep beneath the soily dirt stuff that covers the planet. Some called this just "dirt" others "earth", but misnomers and philosophy aside, let's get to the good stuff.​
    Fast forwarding a couple weeks, the NC were fighting a battle on two three fronts: Fending off the Terran Republic and their overpowered pistols, the Deep Purple with their Lightshow technology, and lastly... keeping a secret so dark that no human alive could fathom it: the unleashing of this disgusting plague upon both factions. Trying to tame the newfound, ground-dwelling creatures was no easy task.​
    The Aurg didn't find any of the dog treats the NC gave them, nor the squeely female handlers in charge of delivering them, very appealing. Because of this small discrepancy in animal handling, the NC were eaten alive as the swarm of beasts could be held at bay no longer. Bursting from the ground, the plague-like Aurg overwhelmed the New Conglomerate forces, incorporated their DNA into their own and are now sweeping across Auraxis with only one goal: Eliminate terrible 80s music and destroy the invaders living on the planet.​
    Spoiler Alert: Guess where the Vanu race went?​
    • The New Conglomerate (NC hereafter) has been "rebalanced" and renamed to "The Aurg". All NC players have been given a free faction change due to the sweeping changes. Let's face it, you won't switch.
    • All standard classes removed from NC.
    • The Aurg information:
      • New Class added: "Aurgling"
        • Small and crafty, these are a basic unit that makes up the Aurg. They roam in packs quickly and are like alien wolf packs... They have low individual HP but swarm to kill.
        • First true "MMOFPSRTS" class in a video game.
        • You control 8 "aurglings" at once in RTS fashion.
        • Control of Aurglings is done with an invisible camera with free X, Y and Z axis mobility. You've seen this camera tech used by the developers during Friday Night Ops.
        • Using the "Left Alt" cursor, you can select, divide, and maneuver the Aurglings in small packs, independently from one another, etc. to flank your foes.
        • Right clicking the ground with the "Left Alt" cursor will move the selected Aurglings to that spot.
        • With aurglings selected, right clicking on foes will cause aurglings to attack them.
        • Aurglings must never spread more than 75 meters from your camera position, and never more than 50 meters from each other.
        • Cert perks have been added appropriate to the Aurglings such as extra Aurglings, faster movement, etc.
      • New Class added: "Infested Conglomerate"
        • This is a zombie soldier who's brain has been corrupted by the Aurg. Finding a comfortable, if not willed new home in the Aurg, he still has rudementary motor control, has a jet pack for good laughs, and is for all intents and purposes a Light Assault who looks zombie-like. Being the best class in the game, they were incorporated into the Aurg mostly untouched.
        • Functions exactly like an NC Light Assault with a zombie-like appearance.
        • Cert perks unchanged.
      • New Class added: "Aurgfester"
        • A bipedal, low HP, disgusting creature that spits spores and acid at enemies to mind control and melt them, alike.
        • Costs 200 Infantry points to spawn as. Is the MAX of sorts for Aurg.
        • Ability: Brain Spore- Long cooldown "F" ability. Spits a cloud of spores toward your foe. If it comes in contact with an enemy, it gives the Aurgfester control of that enemy for 8 seconds.
          • When the effect starts, the Aurgfestor gains an infiltrator "cloak"-like effect for one second. If killed during that second, the effect ends immediately.
          • If Aurgfestor is not killed in that second and is able to fully cloak, his character model is temporarily removed from the game while and his player perspective is shifted to that of the controlled soldier. The infected soldier continues to see from his own perspective, but his screen is foggy and green. He must watch in horror from his own skull as he commits war atrocities.
          • The mind-control effect lasts 8 seconds or until the affected soldier is killed. Go nuts.
          • Controlled soldiers belong to the Aurg for the duration and may be killed by previously friendly allies with no team-kill penalty.
          • Soldiers killed while under effect of the brain spore explode, causing poisonous spores to cloud an area of effect and damage any enemies standing in the cloud over time.
          • When the mind control effect ends, the player perspective switches back to the Aurgfestor who can't be seen or damaged for 6 seconds. During this time he moves 200% speed. This is for repositioning since the battlefield likely changed during the mind-control effect. After this time, he "uncloaks" back into existance. The ability starts a 40-second recharge.
        • Standard "weapon" is an acid spit that deals damage over time to an enemy hit.
        • Cert perks added that are appropriate to the class.
        • No weapons given to the class because you have the ability to freaking mind control any class in the game. Don't whine.
    • Vehicles removed from NC. Instead, specialized Aurg classes have been added that replace them and cost vehicle resources to play as them.
      • New ground "vehicle" added: "Aurggernaut"
        • May not be "exited" because it's a "creature", not a "vehicle" so to speak.
        • Costs 250 ground vehicle resources.
        • Mammoth and brutelike, this four legged monstrocity has triple the HP of a traditional tank, enourmous defense from the front, and tusks that can shred steel. Or auraxium. Or whatever metal this planet has.
        • Attacks in "melee" with it's ramming head. Deals massive damage.
        • Acts like a tank.
        • Is the only vehicle with a special "F" ability, allowing it to sprint up to 150 meters and deal 3x normal melee damage for 2 seconds after it stops charging.
        • Cert Perks appropriate to "vehicle".
        • Cert perk "Mother... of god" added - Acts as mobile AMS.
      • New air "Vehicle" added: "Aurgwing"
        • May not be "exited" because it's a "creature", not a "vehicle" so to speak.
        • Costs 250 air vehicle resources.
        • Graceful like a flying moose, this large, almost "stingray-esque" creature is capable of both air-to-air attacks and air-to-ground attacks with various certs and upgrades. It's weapons are biological.
      • Aesthetic changes to all previously "NC controlled" bases to make them look organic and taken over. You'll find NC helmets dangling here and there to ensure you get the idea they've been taken by the Aurg.
    Come on SOE get on it.
    Clearly, this is a joke as much as I wish this could be real.

    This is all completely original, do not steal.
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  2. Phragg

    Phragg Donating Member

    Aug 11, 2012
    Totally stealing this. Patent pending.
  3. Molecularize

    Molecularize .

    Nov 21, 2012
    Ugh obviously this would just lead to NC turtling to mass Aurgfestor/Aurgwing every game! Aurgfestor is killing ESPOR-er um... Planetside ;)
  4. DeusVipera

    DeusVipera .

    Nov 29, 2012
    Haha <3
  5. HaxardUS

    HaxardUS .

    Sep 27, 2012
    .........Well then. I was under the self-induced impression that the Vanu were most likely sentient plant life, and this theory completely devastates my assumptions. Plus, aside from near blatant copyright infringement haha, people have been fighting on Auraxis for SOOOOOOOO long, with no extra-galactic infestation to speak of.. I doubt this expansion will make it into game update 2 =(

    Absolutely epic concept, and an incredible amount of thought went into this, so thanks for sharing =) Too bad....I'd have loved to seen NC get infested with bugs.