Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by Krunk, Aug 2, 2013.

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Discussion in 'PS2 Main' started by Krunk, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Maxwell

    Maxwell .

    Dec 30, 2012
  2. Ajax

    Ajax I piss on Spark Plugs

    Dec 11, 2012
    Timing is pretty shitty, but honestly as much as I am a skeptic and take a lot of stuff as personal, I took Ghosts post about the girly man fantasies as joke.

    Nobomba/Krunk I hate to see you go man, for starters I never did get those flying lessons, but I always got along with you, even when we disagreed it wasn't ever nasty between us, much respect going to miss ya man.

    Sel, I learned to take your sarcasm with a grain of salt, even if you meant it as a joke, it really rubbed people the wrong way, people just don't understand your humor, hell I didn't understand it, but I learned to tolerate it, I'm not sure, and I honestly do not want to know what went on between you and Ghost, but you guys honestly could've at least waited and spoken to Jaam before coming to this decision. On that note though Ill miss seeing you zip around like a madman in your Lib. Take care
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  3. GhostSheets

    GhostSheets Opus Eponymous

    Dec 3, 2011
    Here's what went down that caused Selentic to leave:
    1. "Keep your fantasies about girly men off the forums."
    2. .
    3. .
    4. .
    5. .
    Selentic certainly can't treat fellow members like this and expect an admin to not be concerned.:
    1. http://www.nononsensegamers.com/for...u-should-stop-using-vehicles.2447/#post-18602
    2. http://www.nononsensegamers.com/for...u-should-stop-using-vehicles.2447/#post-18610
    This is pretty much all there has ever been between Sel and anyone on the NNG Admin staff yet he wants to act like we get email alerts every time he makes a post on the forum.
    He's made literally hundreds of posts on the forum that are wonderful. There were maybe 2 or 3 that were not welcome at all and we handled those. So "fucking with him at every turn" is a horrible choice of words on his behalf.
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  4. Nraged

    Nraged I fly things

    Dec 17, 2012
    Omg leaving over forum drama? Really?

    What's NNG to you?

    To me it's a gaming community where I have made a lot of friends who I enjoy gaming with.
    If I personally was to leave, it wouldn't be me leaving the guild but rather leaving my friends.

    Krunk, I think ur cool and you did a great job leading but I've never seen you in our regular TS channel just hanging out nd killing shit.
    Sel, ur cool too but it's hard to have a conversation with you cuz u ain't got a mic.

    Good luck to you both with whatever you do.
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  5. ILoveBuzzCut

    ILoveBuzzCut .

    May 31, 2013
    What's forum drama?

    You guys are purple, we shoot red and blue people together, and have a pretty good time doing it. I think the community fine (If not a little too strict with MLG lately, but I imagine that'll lighten up a bit, and gamenights help), this is coming from someone who has been in multiple (Read: ALOT) of "Gaming Communities" from DirtNapGaming, to Tactical Gaming, to spending some time in 903rd before rerolling to VS on Matherson, and spent time in admin positions in 2 of the 3 of those, plus more; NNG is one of the least annoying most fun places I've been, I've never encountered someone I DIDN'T like, and rarely encounter people who don't like me (Some are biased against my name tho ;_; )

    Overall, NNG is fine, save these two cases.

    Protip, though: Do NOT under ANY circumstances attempt to emulate the military in an attempt at becoming a stronger force in MLG.
  6. GreyXen

    GreyXen Focus : Kill

    Feb 7, 2013

    (people come and go NNG is fine)
  7. Deathrus

    Deathrus .

    Oct 21, 2012
    Ghostsheets is not alone, I've seen Selentic post some things and say things to other members. He's even tried to get smart with me one time.

    NNG is a gaming community, not an outfit. We game and play together because we enjoy each others company, not because of uber-leetness,etc,etc.

    Being condescending, obdurate, malignant and even wry are things we do not like or tolerate.

    We get off work, school or whatever we do, log in and play to have fun. Not be be bitched out, called names,etc,etc.

    Some people do not understand the difference between a gaming community and a clan,outfit,guild.

    The people that leave are one of the following:

    A. Have control issues.
    B. Terrible at understanding what Nononsense is.
    C. Found to be trolls
    D. Can not communicate. Have issues but fail to bring them up.

    In a gaming community we solve legit problems, the people fail to realize this or their problem really wasen't legit and needed to leave.

    Just my thoughts.
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  8. Linchpinn

    Linchpinn Resident Slacker

    Aug 12, 2012

    Best damn post I've seen in a long time :)
  9. TheXenonCodex1

    TheXenonCodex1 I found their mines, guys.

    Oct 23, 2012
    i've thought about saying this multiple times. i assume we have some former military people, but yeah. please, for the love of kittens and boobs and beer, please don't. i've sat through some of Zoran's BWC streams, and mine and Vonic's old NC outfit was pretty much that, especially the latter. they were good blokes, i think they were the first outfit that let me in sans mic, but it really just creates arbitrary everything. now, the communication terms are all right, and can actually clear things up,as long as you don't go full on Tactilol. eg i heard in once "command, this is temporary leader of fire team 1 of bravo, reporting a sunderer in defilade in my current approximate AO." and i remember thinking, dude. what the hell. 'there's a sundie behind a rock over by [squad number]' would've been tits perfect. even "over there" would've been fine if you gave some sort of direction. but anyway. off topic.
  10. Krunk

    Krunk .

    Jan 21, 2013
    Seeing as I was out of town for this just as Jaamaw was and we already spoke about speaking once we both returned. This simple thread has become a battle of evidence and blame lets just take a look at the other side.

    Phragg recuited me to NNG, He also spoke very highly of you and linchpin. Never got to know you guys in PS2 play but everyone else seemed pretty cool I was playing with. Only exception to this was zGokuwarrior but he moved on.

    I was asked to become a officer and if needed be the one able to chop the axe on things for PS2.

    One day 2 Players flare up on the forums and get in to it. (Both known to be very opinionated)
    • The flare has died down and PS2 admins cooled it down multiple admins included jaam had posted.
    • *Enters Ghostsheets*
      • "Wow. One guy expresses his opinions and thoughts on something in such an open and humble way and this is how you respond? Is this how you normally act on our forums? If so, I recommend you knock it off real quick. This attitude and some of the things you said to Vern are completely unacceptable. Your comments and behavior reminds me of the reasons I branched off from the gaming masses and started a community called No Nonsense Gamers. Maybe you've heard about our mission statement?

        I hadn't ventured into this thread on my own but was instead referred to it via PM from other members, including senior staff who were caught way off guard by how you've conducted yourself here. I don't want to see that kind of bullshit from you or anyone in NNG, ever.

        If I sound harsh then I have accurately captured in words, how I feel."
    ^ I was definitely impressed by the first public moderation I have seen you do.​

    Jaamaw Immediatly answers your question.​
    Is this how you normally act on our forums?​
    It is not. If it were normally, Sel would have been gone long ago.​

    • Thread Continues
    • I make a post to call bull shit on the over reactive moderation, figured you had a bad day or somthing.
      • Linchpin Responds:
        • I utterly FAIL to see how Ghost 'jumped the gun'. There is nothing wrong with debate. There is nothing wrong with heated debate. But there IS NO REASON TO INSULT OR DISRESPECT FELLOW MEMBERS IN THESE FORUMS OR ELSEWHERE.
        • No, you do not have to suck up or tip toe around. But there are SEVERAL ways to make a point or counter a point you disagree with WITHOUT being blatantly disrespectful. Something hard to understand about that?
    • A few more exchanging posts happen
    *I get pulled aside by jaamaw​
    Says i cant post like that, and if i Did again I would be banned from the forums.​
    • I debate it but basically comes down to me saying I will stay away and talk to sel to be extra careful in the future.
    • I ask in return he just keep yourself Ghostsheets and Linch from leaping on us and we will be good because if they did we are gone.
    At this point I go back to Phragg and bring up this whole situation, I tell him I think it got taken wrong and would like him to try and put a good word in for myself and Sel.
    The Next post I see from Ghostsheets towards Sel is:
    "Keep your fantasies about girly men off the forums please."
    This to anyone who knows Sel and knows his relationship to you. (the above mentioned interactions) Would take this as a direct bash against his sexuality.
    After reading that comment and having the previous rules dictated to you would you even bother with a response or discussion? No, You just walk away because I and I know Sel as well are just here to play a game and have fun.

    You have fun with your community and definitions of "nonsense" but I enjoy playing my games for fun and competitively and do not feel the need to burden ourselves with your e-thuging bro......
    Again PS 2 guys you were fun and awesome, good luck.

    I also forgot the PM's Linchpin sent Selentic those were just loveley.​
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