We're currently playing Battlefield 3 and have big plans for Battlefield 4. Battlefield 3 was the first official NNG division. We have had some really great moments gaming together in Battlefield 3!


Our Planet Side 2 division is our biggest and most organized. Our name is recognized on various PS2 continents for our huge coordinated rushes and attacks. Check us out!


War Thunder is our newest division and it is growing organically through the attention that some of our pilots get. When this game enters its production state we will ramp up even further.

NNG is a multi-gaming, PC community focused on teamwork, maturity and responsibility.

  • Arma 3
  • Minecraft
  • Warframe
  • Star Craft II


  • Planet Side 2
  • Battlefield
  • War Thunder
  • War Frame
  • Minecraft
  • Star Craft 2

The games we play are usually popular in the online world and have a long “shelf life”.  We play the games that we want to play but it also helps if they are highly rated and have thriving online communities.  This helps bring more members into the NNG community.  New divisions sprout organically from within NNG when a small group starts playing a particular game.

If the demand calls for it and there is a desire we will create a division for that game.  We have a formal set of requirements though, that we prefer all games meet prior to launching a division dedicated to that game. See the important criteria below.

  • Official Divisions are those that have a dedicated division leader and have met all game division criteria.  These officially recognized divisions often have chains of command in the form of officers, squad leads or platoon leads. Official Divisions may also break out into sub-divisions which are subsets of specific specialties that players with certain strengths are categorized into.  All members in official divisions are required to represent themselves as [NNG] members and all members must have gone through the application, trial and acceptance process.
  • Unofficial Divisions are games that our members wish to participate in without being truly recognized as an NNG division.  Members may choose to wear the [NNG] letters but are not obligated to.  Unofficial games lack true leadership but are instead driven by the members themselves.  Unofficial Divisions may grow into Official Divisions if all division criteria is met.



Game Division Requirementsthe big requirements

These steps comprise all the criteria that a game will ideally meet before we launch a division for it. Some divisions grow faster than others. Some divisions may start and not succeed. As long as we're playing the games we love, we're all happy.


Division leader must be NNG member for 6 months, at least 21 years of age and show strong interest in the game to help make things happen. Division Leader must highly active within NNG.

Game Plan

Game must have at least 15 active official NNG members. Game should development road map and release date. No speculating about forming divisions around games that have no release date set yet.


Division must be able to accurately represent itself as NNG in game. Recruitment plan must be solidified for new division to bring new members in, to sustain the new division.